Monthly Archives: January 2017

#mollywoppersnyb meeting tomorrow at O’Malley’s. Let’s talk the good, bad, and the ugly and also try to come up with a theme for 2018 that they can use years later for their commercials! #starspangledmummers #Repost @bingwithoutthebeard ・・・ @rachel_burgers just pointed out that phl17 is using #mollywoppersnyb footage from 2 years ago for their mummers commercial. #betterlatethannever #crowdfavorite #mummers

New Year, New Fans, New Friends. Sorry @champagnepapi. @god.swift found us by accident in the morning and was so hyped his #jumpmans had to get a fresh coat of gold! Thanks for rockin with us! #broadstreetbreakout #mollywoppersnyb #mollywoppersnyb2017 #kingsofdrinkingbeer #kodb #mummers #mummersparade #Repost @god.swift ・・・ And then they were Gold✨ @mollywoppersnyb ?? #mollywoppersnyb2017 #kingsofdrinkingbeer #kodb #mummersparade #youthoughttheywasfake #stophatin2017

231 Points! 10th Place! Thank you everyone! #Repost @haveboard ・・・ I couldn’t be happier with a 10th place finish for our @mollywoppersNYB! 5th place within our parent club @murraycomicclub even! All the effort and hard work paid off! As a co-captain of this amazing group along with captain @bingwithoutthebeard & co-captain’s @dogboy701 & @whoisfrankkelly I’d like to thank everyone involved. We didn’t need to make it onto TV, although it would have been nice for friends, family, and anyone else that couldn’t make it to have seen the performance. We put in a lot of additional time and effort into these preparations year round for our brigade which can go unnoticed. Thank you for those who took the time out of their day to remind each of us that it doesn’t go completely unnoticed. All the extra effort is worth marching through the city and seeing my friends having the time of their lives. Considering we only had 1 practice without props, light attendance for said practice, a truck break down in staging, and the last minute scramble we had to manage just so we could perform, I couldn’t be more proud of everyone who pulled it together when we needed it most. We looked great and I know we all felt great doing it! I’m already counting down to Jan 1st, 2018! #broadstreetbreakout #mollywoppersnyb #mollywoppersnyb2017 #kingsofdrinkingbeer #kodb #mummers #mummersparade #Repost @jinxedstore ・・・ TOP TEN!!! ????☂️ #mollywoppersnyb practice pays off

The #mollywoppersNYB would like to thank our @murraycomicclub President for all his hard work and dedication! It is an honor to march with you along with all the rest of Murray’s excellent brigades! Everyone looked awesome and we had a great time! We’re looking forward to another year of preparation to do it again in 2018! #broadstreetbreakout #mollywoppersnyb #mollywoppersnyb2017 #kingsofdrinkingbeer #kodb #mummers #mummersparade #Repost @murraycomicclub ・・・ A message from our President! “Murray Comic Club you are the best!” Best of luck to everyone in today’s #2017MummersParade!