Monthly Archives: Santana do Livramento January 2020

? #Repost @sharpfelix ・・・ Pins for the Parade! Define the tradition as something positive and the jerks have to either be positive or take ownership of their bullshit position. Though small in numbers, there are individual acts of stupidity performed by the insecure, depthless and mean that distort the overall image of this parade. Acts of violence and bigotry are digressions that contrast the essence of mummery. The vast majority of those that participate in the tradition do so with love and respect for each other and the world at large. Mummery in terms of aim is more of a commotion than a chorus, and lacks a voice that speaks for the entire culture. Because of this it is of great importance that the mummer at an individual level speaks out against behaviors that lack humanity, defame the tradition, and damage the relationship with the city at large. There is a possibility that mummery could be something that every Philadelphian finds valuable, enjoys and elaborates. But if it is to realize it’s potential, we must create a healthy dialogue with the public, acknowledge past aggression, be willing to listen and learn from critics and stand against acts of intolerance and violence. We cannot let a couple bums be the image of such a funky and loving tradition. Tells those sad jerks they are making you look bad and that you don’t agree, and then show them a better way. #define-mummer #mumsforreform #mumsforlove #philadelphia #newyearsday #newyears #2020 #realmummersarentracist #mummersdayparade #mummers #philadelphiamummers #philly #happynewyear @grittyphilly Mums against bigotry….these are pins I made and gave out during the parade.